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‘Slogan’ by Couch is my new jam.

‘Slogan’ by Couch is my new jam.


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Jul 22

queuing songs, 17.07.2014

first time in a while. la moustache’s levitations and sleazy inc. operated show. queuing with a plan, high fives and delight. nice, thanks!


fucked up - i hate summer
namefollowedbynumber - beavershark
the lovely eggs - don’t look at me (i don’t like it)
glasses - tigers
pens - freddy
sharon van etten - serpents
hospitality - eighth avenue
tsunami - the workers are punished
rainer maria - breakfast of champions
huggy bear - for insecure offenders
des ark - no more fighting cats, ok?
little lungs - pet cemetery
reading rainbow - restless
fastbacks - believe me never
deerhoof - super duper rescue heads!
slant 6 - ladybug superfly
buke and gase - houdini crush
velocity girl - my forgotten favorite
waxahatchee - misery over dispute
shannon wright - commoner’s saint
zelf - turnings
candelilla - 22
plaided - it is over toni
tiger magic - back again
angel olsen - forgiven/forgotten
bellafea - depart (i never knew you)
perfect pussy - driver
masshysteri - masshysteri del två
electrelane - on parade
deep time - clouds
saturday looks good to me - until the world stops spinning
les trucs - skipping the rope
tirzah - i’m not dancing
dirty projectors - stillness is the move
the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die - wait… what?
sixty stories - countdown
joanna gruesome - secret surprise
aye nako - cut it off
marnie stern - put all eggs in one basket and the watch that basket!!!
evonike - happy day
unwound - kantina
125, rue montmartre - disco hijack
swirlies - park the car by the side of the road
witches - creature of nature
team dresch - fagetarian and dyke
shoplifting - male gynecology
bratmobile - gimme brains
pretty girls make graves - liquid courage
erase errata - giant hands
x-ray spex - identity
cotton ponies - action
explode into colors - eyes hands mouth
lower dens - brains
st. vincent - the strangers
jenny hval - i called
pj harvey - it’s a perfect day elise
the dropout patrol - find it at the bottom of the lake
silkworm - treat the new guy right
babelfishh & oskar ohlson - sure handed archer
mice parade - la lunita ha crecido
kate tempest - marshall law
stella - finger on the trigger for the years to come
son lux - lost it to trying
wye oak - school of eyes
make out! - reden können
die goldenen zitronen - echohäuser
the chap - even your friend
cardigans - rise & shine
swearin’ - dust in the gold sack
potty mouth - the spins
good luck - stars were exploding
xenia rubinos - whirlwind
backfish - add it
yo la tengo - today is the day
the ackleys - today/tonight
thea & the wild - hots for you
whirlpool - insecurity
sleater-kinney - one more hour
aye nako - start talking
white lung - bag
rainbirds - blueprint
patti smith - because the night
the delgados - coming in from the cold
petethepiratesquid - intruders like us
the organ - memorize the city
sonic youth - bull in the heather

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(teaser for benedict campbell’s for the love of mud on vimeo.)

Jun 22

Jun 13
‘Leiden, NL’ by mOck is my new jam.

‘Leiden, NL’ by mOck is my new jam.


Jun 5
‘Wishes’ by Beach House is my new jam.

‘Wishes’ by Beach House is my new jam.


May 29

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